6 Best Boxing Gloves For Large Hands & Long Fingers 2022

best boxing gloves for large hands

It takes devotion and enthusiasm to ace when you’re down in the boxing ring. Along with these silver traits, skills and equipment also have a hand. Boxing gear is your new skin when you’re a boxing enthusiast. If you want the sole pinnacle of your attention to be knocking your opponent down, you need to be comfortable with what you adorn. Boxing gloves are an integral element of your gear, aiding you in both punching and protection. Whether you are a newbie with a brewing passion for the sport or a professional, if you know boxing, you know how hard it is to box with an uncomfortable pair of gloves. 

Boxing gloves need to be comfortably fit in your hands. They should be snug, but not extra tight. Although this might vary with preference, perfect ease and technique still crave comfort. Well-fitted boxing gloves not only help in punching efficiently but also keep your hands in comfort. Similarly, poorly fitted or extra tight gloves cause a hindrance in blood circulation, if used constantly, they can also deaden your blood vessels. You have to be careful what you choose if you desire quality and have to keep your own hands into consideration.

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Especially for people having bulky hands and long fingers, we know it can be hard to find their perfect partners. When you have large hands, such gloves should be used in that you can close your fists easily. If you are one of them, you’re in for a treat. After a lot of research and testing different gloves, we have filtered out the 5 best boxing gloves for large hands.

6 Best Boxing Gloves For Large Hands 2022

Large size hands may be problematic for buying gloves. Such hands need more protection due to long fingers. After years of struggle, our pro boxers enlisted a few gloves that fit well to large hands. All of these gloves in our top picks are tested by pro boxers and have passed strict criteria. After careful evaluation, they are listed and reviewed.

Let’s read out the reviews first:

#1- Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

Features: Size:12oz, Vylar Engineered Leather, Glove type: Bag, Color: Black/Gold

Aesthetically pleasing, these gloves are made with high-quality materials and are ideal for boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, and martial arts. If you have long fingers, hands down these lovelies are made for you. 

Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves are astonishingly durable and provide ultimate protection to your hands while punching. Confidently take your rival down as their multi-layered foam technology is specially made to secure your hands. This feature will allow you to stand against the hardest of punches in the ring. Moreover, these gloves come with a 4x splinting and Dual-X closure system. This is the reason these gloves are renowned for the best hand stabilization, ultimate wrist support, and protection.

The dual-x closure system makes them incredibly sturdy and has a nice grip. Moreover, above anything, for training and newbies, these gloves hold an especially high position. With each punch, the grip remains steady and keeps your wrists perfectly aligned, not allowing any movement to unlock your wrists. The Vylar engineered leather used to make these is a premium quality synthesized leather, renowned for its superior qualities.

They are available in different elegant colors and 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, and 18oz sizes. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves are top-rated globally. And after testing them out ourselves and witnessing all these fascinating qualities, we can say that the hype is real. Make the money spent on your passion count with this pair of durable gloves.


  • Worth the price
  • Fits well on the large hand
  • Protects joints and fingers
  • Made of High-quality Leather


  • Very Stiff

#2- Fairtex Microfibre Boxing Gloves

Features: Size:12oz,  Microfiber material, Glove type: Training, Color: Blue & White

Fairtex has launched various gloves to date and we have to say that all of them are amazingly versatile and provide maximum protection. Still, our personal favorite is Fairtex BGV 14 because they are among the best boxing gloves for large hands and have, fairly, the right to be so as well. These gloves are lightweight and made with premium quality microfibre to avoid unpleasant odor.

Not only this, these triple-layer padded gloves will provide comprehensive protection to your hands and guarantee heavy shock absorption. These beasts are equally durable as other leather gloves. (or maybe even more!) The design is simple yet appealing, portraying elegance and superiority. The long cuff design not only allows you to form a fist effortlessly but also saves your energy while training.

Fairtex Microfiber gloves are available in a variety of colors and sizes and are ready to meet all the needs of a fighter. With all the comfort and protection you get with these, throw tough punches with exceptional ease and confidence and knock the opponent down, whether it’s the good old punching bag or a real competitor.


  • High-quality material
  • Superior wrist support
  • Available in different styles
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Trustable for combat sports


  • It causes rash

#3- Ringside Heavy Hitter Gloves

Features: Size:20oz,  Leather material, Glove type: Sparring, Color: Black & White

Ideal for training, these gloves are going to be your best partner in sparring and training. For people having bulky hands, Ringside Heavy Hitter gloves can be true lifesavers. 

These gloves will make your hands feel free inside and won’t suffocate them. They are made with both synthetic as well as real leather. The palm area is constructed with synthetic leather. However, the punching surface is made of genuine leather. A killer duo, indeed. They come with a quad-layer protection system that will save you and your opponent from injuries. For air circulation, four holes have been generated under the thumb which will not let sweat bother you in the middle of training or boxing in the ring.

The high-density padding is installed to provide your hands with ultimate protection. The hook and loop style makes closure easy and also promises wrist support. As a cherry on top of the cake, they come in 20oz weight which is godly in terms of improving your arm strength. All these astounding features make them one of the best boxing gloves for large hands.


  • Heavy-duty gloves
  • Provide extra protection
  • Fits well on a large hand
  • Good for entry-level
  • Affordable and good for training


  • Not durable as expected

#4- Title Boxing Gel Suspense Training Gloves

Features: Size:12oz,  Leather material, Glove type: training, Color: Black & White

Made with full-grain leather, these gloves can spend a memorable and long life with you. The gel lining used in these gloves will provide maximum comfort to your hands and show heat on the way out. Title Boxing gloves are perfectly manufactured for all types of training like sparring, punching bags, and focus mitts.

Train well in these versatile pairs of gloves without caring about your big hand size because the hand compartment is specially made to make your giant hands feel at ease. In addition to that, the nylon mesh palm feature will help to absorb all the moisture inside and keep your hands dry. These well-padded gloves will allow you to give your opponent a hard time without the same happening to your knuckles.

The triple-layered foam technology of the gloves secures your hands and the hook and loop closure accompanied by a nylon wrist strap will keep your hands safe and compacted.

Title Boxing Gel Suspense Gloves are available in three color schemes Black/White, Pink/Black, and Red/White. You can choose any of them as per your liking. Considering all the amazing features, these gloves are ideal to take your fighting gear to the next level.


  • No wear and tear after years of use
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Well worth the money
  • Comfortable and good fit


  • Not good for sparring

#5- Proforce Leatherette Boxing Gloves

Feature: Size, 12oz, Faux Leather material, Glove type: Bag, Color: Black & White

Last but not the least, Pro-force Leatherette gloves are among the best picks for various purposes like boxing, cardio, martial arts, and other workouts. Apart from this, these gloves are specially designed for people having big hands. 

Knock your rival down relentlessly in these gloves. No matter if you are an amateur or a professional fighter, these gloves are going to be your best companions. The maximum padding of these gloves is ideal for the security of your wrists, fists, and knuckles.

Moreover, the traditional hook and loop feature is always there to ensure fitting. Additionally, a piece of velcro is installed at the end of the strap to make the glove more secure and safe. Also, the cotton lining offers maximum breathability. To serve the purpose of air ventilation, these gloves are pierced with four holes down the palm.

With a remarkable comfort level, these gloves have a pre-curved design which makes them stand among the best boxing gloves for large hands. They are available in a variety of shades and offer a wide range of sizes from 10oz to 24 oz.


  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Well vented
  • Comfortable pre-curve design
  • Long-lasting and affordable
  • Perfect as backup gloves


  • Not good for professionals

#6- Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing

Features: Size, 8oz, Faux Leather material, Glove type: Bag, Color: All Black

If you’re in search of just what you need, Sanabul gloves are made for you. Manufacturers created this especially to give you professional gear at entry-level affordability. These gloves will keep your hands snug and protected inside. Also, you can go with all-black for that understated look.

What I like best about these gloves is that it is tested by Pros like Michael Bisping and Mike Lee. Team Sanabul is promising to make the same gloves for you as we make for them. Boxers can take hundreds of rounds as they are built with Engineered leather. This glove will last longer and be in your gym bag for years to come.

One more exciting feature is the powerful hook and loop closure system which means you won’t have to pull your punches because you’re worried about your wrists. You need to tighten these straps once and you’re set for the whole session.

Pro boxers like its Special longitudinal arch design. It will make you feel like you’ve been wearing these all along. Moreover, Mesh’s palms allow your hands to breathe while working your hardest, keeping your hands dryer and cleaner.


  • Tested by pro boxers
  • Good for professional competitive boxing
  • Mesh palm feature
  • Long-lasting durable material
  • No wear and tear after hundreds of rounds


  • A little bit smelly

What To Look For When Buying Gloves For Large Hands

The only thing to look for a glove for a large hand is the size of the glove. To choose the perfect size you need to consider some other factors such as fist size, the weight of the boxer, finger length, hand circumference without wraps: Let’s consider the factors below:

Size Guide

The weight of the fighter and the size of the gloves are interconnected. Generally, this is how you chose the perfect size for yourself as well. Here’s a general guide for you to choose the right size of gloves according to your body weight.

  • For 120lbs or less, 12oz or 14oz sizes are recommended.
  • From 120lbs to 150lbs, 14oz to 16oz is best.
  • From 150lbs to 180lbs, 16oz to 20oz would suffice.
  • For 180lbs and above, 18oz to 20oz size will do the work.

Comparing your body weight this way, you can perfect the size of your gloves which can boost your game-play up a high notch.

Hand Circumference ( Without Wraps)

It is important to measure hand circumference without wraps to buy the right size of the glove. To measure this use fabric tape around the open palm dominant hand slightly below the knuckles. You can use string also if you dont have fabric tape. For hand circumference of 5.5” use 4oz gloves. If hand circumference is 5.5-6.5, the fit size of a boxing glove will be 8oz. Similarly, 10oz will fit well to a hand circumference of 6.5”-7.5”. Larger hands usually have a circumference of 8.5” to 9.5” that fits well to 14oz to 16oz gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What OZ Gloves For Large Hands?

For larger hands gloves you need to measure the hand circumference and weight of the boxer. Generally, 12oz to 16oz gloves fit well to hand circumference ranging from 8.5 to 9.5. The weight of the boxer is one more indicator to get the right size glove. For 165 to 190lbs fighters, 14oz gloves fit well. Similarly, for 132 to 165lbs boxer 12oz fit better. 

Does Hand Size Matter in Boxing Gloves?

Yes, hand size and weight of boxer matter alot when choosing gloves. In order to measure hand size your hand must be open and you should measure dominant hand circumference for a right guess. The easy way to measure hand size is to start by rounding the tape to open the palm below the knuckles. With the increase in hand size, you will have to increase the size of a boxing glove. 

What Is The Biggest Size of Boxing Gloves?

The biggest size will be 16oz,18oz, or above. Boxing gloves are available in a range of sizes from 4oz, 6oz,  8oz, 10oz, 12oz,14oz, and 18oz. The Kid’s size ranges from 4 -to 6 oz. Adult size ranges from 10oz to 12oz. For extra-large hands, 14oz to 16oz fit well.

How Do I Know What Size Boxing Gloves to Buy?

The right size is determined by the weight of the boxer and the circumference of the boxer’s hand. The heavier the boxer is the larger the glove he needs. Similarly, low-weight boxers need smaller size gloves. If you’re going to buy a glove online you should have the right weight in your mind. Weight charts and glove sizes are displayed on sports accessories sellers.

The Takeaway

Boxing is a passion and a lifestyle. While for others, who do not choose their gear sensibly, it can become a painful encounter. Especially for people having a passion for fighting, getting their hands injured can be the worst nightmare. In this case, the right choice of gloves matters a lot.

Don’t suffocate your hands in an extra tight pair of gloves, not if you value them. We compiled here a list that will surely help you make your choice. This is so you don’t have to worry about your hands and the opponent when you take your aim. Elevate your fighting spirit up a stage and let your hands punch down with all their might with no hesitation.

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