Best Boxing Headgear for Nose Protection (With Nose Guards)

Boxing is all fun and games until you get that strike right to your face and voila! Your nose starts bleeding. Now obviously you don’t want that happening because it’ll ruin your game. So you’d need something that would not only protect your head but also the very sensitive part of your face i.e. your nose.

Most full boxing headgears make you feel like a bobblehead and that makes the search for the best boxing headgear with a nose guard really tiresome. But if you’ve finally landed here, why not check out some of the tried and tested boxing headgear for nose protection?

I’m pretty sure that you’ll find something apt for yourself. So go ahead and check out the 7 best boxing headgears with a nose guard.

1- Venum Elite Iron Headgear

The reputation of Venum has always been stellar in terms of boxing gears and accessories. This iron headgear from Venum is my first and foremost recommendation because I believe there’s nothing that can beat this headgear for the price. 

It is the best purchase you can make to add extra protection to your nose. The headgear is constructed with a reinforced high density foam that ensures maximum protection from high impact punches and strikes. 

It also offers great protection while sparring, boxing, or MMA. The fitting is perfect by the aid of Velcro tightening on the back and laces over the head for better support. 

This headgear with a nose guard will fit most people unless you have a rough head to fit. It is comfortable to wear and doesn’t make the head feel heavy.

2- Cleto Reyes Traditional Headgear

Another headgear that is very well constructed and is highly recommended for boxing or sparring even with aggressive partners is this Reyes headgear with a nose guard.

This headgear is made with genuine leather and hence, will prove to be a high quality and durable purchase. It is really effective for nose protection since it features a lightweight front bar with added nylon padding that effortlessly provides additional protection for your nose. 

The best part about the nose guard is that it is pointed and so doesn’t touch the nose when you wear it. It doesn’t compromise the vision either. The thick padding all around the headgear really does its job well in protecting the face. 

The fitting is super adjustable thanks to the hook and loop closure at the back with an adjustable chin strap. For additional security, the top has a lace up closure. 

Since the size is sufficiently adjustable, it’ll most likely fit most of you, if not everyone. 

3- RIVAL Boxing RHGFS3 Headgear 

This headgear is another incredible option if you’re looking for protection for your nose apart from your head while boxing. The construction of this headgear is optimal to provide security as well as comfort to your face.

It is built with a solid plastic frame with a thick latex as well as rubitex padding around the entire headgear. The well thought design of the frame doesn’t hinder your performance by impairing vision or breathing. 

It is made from high quality leather and will last you a long while. Also, the leather is lined with comfortable PU which makes it super easy to clean. 

And lastly, the fitting and adjustment of this headgear is also up to the mark. The chin strap is worth a mention because that too is padded to provide you extra comfort. The rear straps are bidirectional and adjustable. 

On the top, the headgear features a circular lace top which is yet another factor that adds to its secure and comfortable fit.

Overall, this’ll be a great purchase if you’re looking for something under 100 bucks.

4- RDX Headgear for Boxing 

This headgear is built for zero impact punches and maximum protection of your entire face and head as you pull through intense fights. 

It is constructed from Maya Leather Hide which gives the headgear its outstanding durability and quality. This leather head guard features a face bar that provides protection to the nose, cheeks as well as the ears. 

The padded leather is infused with a shock dispersion sheet that allows the headgear to absorb and disperse maximum shock before it reaches your face. The G core technology helps with lessening the impact of all the strikes. 

The design of the headgear is nice and practical. It doesn’t block the vision nor does it create any hurdle while breathing. 

However, the only downside to this headgear is that it feels a bit too heavy on the head. But since it is a low cost and entry level headgear, I can’t really complain. You get what you pay for. 

The fitting is okay-ish too and some of you may find it a little uncomfortable or tight on the nose. However, the adjustable R lock straps as well as the loop chin strap make up for that. 

All in all, it is a good deal for the price. 

5- Contender Fight Headgear

This headgear for nose protection by Contender is available in an affordable range. It is built for protection of the entire face from heavy duty punches and smacks without any injury. 

The headgear is constructed with a molded plastic bar that is surrounded with a thick safety foam so as to absorb shocks and keep your face secure from scratches or any damage. 

The material of this headgear is full grain leather accompanied by padding around the forehead, ears and back. Vision may get impaired a little bit … only slightly so don’t worry unless you’re someone who can’t bear with that at all. 

The padding is insanely thick which sounds promising at first but let me tell you that your head may feel a bit too heavy with this headgear on. The fitting and adjustments are nice. The chin strap is adjustable while the top and back of the headgear is secured by lace ties. 

Overall, I’d say that this may not be my favorite option on the list yet it gives great value for money and performs well.

6- Ringside Deluxe Boxing Headgear 

This one is a really effective sparring headgear that provides nose protection as well as shields the head against any major injury. 

This headgear by Ringside is made from good quality leather. I’d not say the best because it doesn’t really meet that standard, not gonna lie. But anyway, it’s still going to last you a long while so don’t you worry, it’s on the list for a reason. 

The headgear is constructed with an extremely sturdy plastic frame that definitely ensures lots of safety. It features a sufficient and stiff padding all around that’ll minimize the impact of tough blows. 

On top of that, the padding is lined with a moisture wicking liner which promotes quick drying and keeps the head cool and comfortable as you fight. The fitting is adjustable with the aid of a rear closure and lace up top. 

It is available in two sizes S-M and L-XL. The vision may be a bit compromised due to the nose bar but overall, it is a great choice for sparring. 

7- WINNING FG500 Headgear 

If you’re someone who thinks that protection has no price, then this Winning Headgear with a nose guard should be your ultimate choice. It sure costs a lot but the protection offered by it is unparalleled, without question.

It is constructed with vinyl fake leather and features exceptional cushioning all around the head and the nose bar. The cushioning is so good that you’ll barely feel any punches and even trust it for taking the hardest shots. 

Also, the comfortable feel provided by this headgear is what makes it worth the price. It is exceptionally lightweight and offers great vision as well as breathability. Comfort is the last thing you’ll have to worry about with this head guard. 

The chin straps are adjustable and the headgear is secured by a lace tie on the top. The vinyl leather is easy to clean, however, it gets a little too sweaty at times. 

This expensive headgear is highly recommended for anyone who’s in for pro fighting or long term boxing or sparring!

Final Thoughts

If you’re too tired of breaking your nose while boxing, sparring or anything of that sort then you should definitely invest in a headgear with a nose guard. If you’re a pro fighter, then of course investing in WINNING headgear shouldn’t be a big deal. Anyhow, other brands such as Venum, Reyes, and Ringside offer quite enticing options in an affordable range as well!

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