Best Boxing Shoes For Women 2022 – (Top 6 Picks)

Best Boxing Shoes For Women

Boxing is not only about punching, but it’s also about moving and you can’t really handle intense moves if your feet are not supported by the right boots. Your feet need to feel at ease if victory is what you’re aiming for in the boxing ring. Besides boxing gloves and wrist bands,  boxing shoes are your ticket to putting up a good fight in the arena.

It can confuse boxers, especially females what to buy and what to leave! If you’re in the same line and looking for features or boxing shoes suitable for you, this post is for you. After reading this choosing the right shoe will be a brainer!

Boxing shoes are specially designed to ensure the safety of your foot, ankle, and heel. The best boxing shoe is made up of high-quality material, comfortable, easy to lace up, and long-lasting. If you want to buy the best boxing shoes for women, read this post till the end.

Our Top Picks & Reviews of  Best Boxing Shoes For Women

Gone are the days when boxing was too non-feminine of a sport. Today, women have broken these stereotypical barriers and are shining stars in the boxing world. We have customized a collection of the best boxing shoes for women specifically so you don’t have to go for a shoe hunt anywhere else.

#1- Venum Elite Boxing Shoes

This pair of high-top boxing shoes from Venum is the best for all types of boxing. They give a very comfortable experience for they are wonderfully lightweight and durable.

The unique mid-cut silhouette is what’s the most applaudable about these shoes because it gives good ankle support and that’s definitely one of the things you need the most during boxing.

The grip and stability offered by these shoes are remarkable. They help to achieve quicker and safer footwork that makes the boxing style exceptionally dynamic and smooth. This pair of shoes keep the feet anchored while providing strength for quick dodging, rotating, and turning.

Also, what we like about these boxing shoes is their slim sole that keeps the feet closest to the ground and hence, contributes to more natural footwork. However, to ensure the safety of the feet, this pair of shoes has a reinforced outsole on the heel and lateral areas to absorb shock.

These shoes take a bit of time while put on or off but that’s not a deal-breaker when you’re getting such amazing shoes.


  • Super comfortable
  • Good for streetwear
  • The shoe run is bigger
  • Durable material
  • Available in different colors


  • The sizing description is confusing

#2- Adidas Hog 3 Boxing Shoes

Adidas has an age-old connection with sports and they’re known to produce one of the best sports equipment.

These boxing shoes from Adidas have been made to our collection because of their comfortable rubber sole and great ankle support. The height is very appropriate, neither too long nor too short. Also, this is a great pair for people in search of snug-in-type shoes.

Adhering to their age-long quality, Adidas has made these shoes a perfect fit for boxing. The rubber sole eliminates any kind of slipping or chafing. The outsole has a great grip and hence, ensures very stable footwork in the boxing ring.

These shoes are ideal for people with slim feet. They may work well with wide feet as well – but depends on how wide your feet really are. What might drive you a bit insane is the tight laces but gather some patience and undo the laces halfway down to put on or remove the shoes.

In our opinion, you shouldn’t miss this fantastic pair of shoes just because of the laces. And also they are unisex so don’t forget to double-check the size!


  • Available in eye-catcher colors
  • It does worth its price
  • Comfortable rubber sole
  • Easy to clean


  • Designed for unisex only

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#3- Ringside Undefeated Boxing Shoes

These shoes provide all the spacious footbeds that you need. They are extremely lightweight and prevent fatigue, just like a boxing shoe should be. We are absolutely head over heels for the top-class performance that this pair of shoes provides.

The rubber sole is a non-slip material that provides the utmost comfort to the feet and holds them firmly in place. The high-top ankle reaches halfway to the calf which is perfectly suited to provide all the support needed by ankles during boxing.

Also, we know how excessive heat build-up in the shoes or sweating is a peeve for anyone out there. It is even more annoying when you’re in the middle of an intense boxing situation. So what we love about these shoes the most besides their top-notch performance, is the breathable nylon mesh which keeps the feet sweat-free and aerated.

The leather vinyl finish makes them a good-looking pair of boxing shoes. You’ll definitely feel the difference in your balance, speed, and endurance with this pair of shoes. However, while buying them you’ll need to be specifically careful about the size because they are unisex. We know that’s a bit of a hassle but these boxing shoes are worth it all.


  • Good for ankle protection
  • Beautiful finish
  • Designed in a mesh pattern
  • Breathable material
  • Comfy non-slip rubber sole


  • Not good in warm weather

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#4- Cleto Reyes Boxing Shoes

These shoes are so comfortable that you wouldn’t want to take them off, no kidding. It is one of the most comfortable pairs of boxing shoes. They are so light that it almost feels like you’re wearing socks.

The sole is a light non-skid rubber material that provides ample grip to the feet and creates dynamic yet highly controlled footwork in the arena. You can trust these shoes for the swiftest dodges and turns. The sole renders great stability to the feet and keeps them tireless throughout an intense boxing session.

The upper and laces area is pretty much wide. It is a commendable feature since it will prevent any kind of foot sprains that result from an extra tight fit. The sliding in and out of the foot happens in a snap.

The leather gives a nice premium feel. What’s making us a bit concerned about this pair is the zipper that comes along with the laces. Zippers are convenient for some people, while disliked by others. Decide for yourself! But one thing we can say is that the zipper is nicely obscured in material to prevent any cuts or scrapes – if that’s what concerns you.


  • Lightweight shoes
  • Easy to wear due to the side zipper
  • Passed strict quality checks
  • Durable due to Leather material
  • Affordable


  • Good for winter only

#5- Ringside Power Boxing Shoes

This is an amazing pair of shoes in terms of performance at a mid-range price. These shoes from Ringside are suitable for amateurs as well as professionals.

These shoes have a grooved rubber sole that intensifies the grip and support to the feet. The tip of each shoe is reinforced for better pivoting. Without a doubt, they are no less than any other pair of shoes in terms of their performance.

These mid-length shoes come with a hook and loop strap for fastening along with the laces. The strap is an appropriate size and an excellent fit for providing greater ankle support. The breathable mesh keeps the shoes well-aerated. Hence, the feet are comfortable at all times.

The only thing that brought these shoes to number 5 in our collection is their lack of durability. To be brutally honest, it will be no less than a miracle if these shoes last more than 2 months with regular use.

However, if you don’t want to spend a lot on boxing shoes right now then there can be no better option than this since the performance of these shoes is top-class undoubtedly.


  • No worry to slip in wet places
  • Strong grip shoes
  • Offers ankle protection
  • The ankle strap fits easily
  • Eye-catching design


  • Fits well on skinny legs only

#6- FISTRAGE Fighting Shoes

Last but not least is Fistrage shoes specially designed for kicking and boxing. This shoe is manufactured with Cowhide Genuine Leather and a breathable mesh upper along with PU Sole that provides adhesion and a firm grip.

What’s best about this shoe is its agile performance with a breathable mesh upper and a cushioned midsole. This makes the grip and traction powerful.

Moreover, this shoe is highly stable due to reinforced heel cushioning. It will help the wearer have a more assured footing, and minimize the potential risk of injury or strain on the joints.

It is ideal for a sturdy indoor grip. The gum rubber is comfortable, durable, and lightweight.

Its breathability feature is unquestionable. It has an environment moisture management system. It keeps feet cool and dry. It also removes extra sweat and moisture. 


  • Highly durable and affordable
  • Ventilated and comfortable
  • Provides ankle protection
  • Lightweight
  • Extra grip and traction


  • A little bit slippery

What to Look For When Buying Boxing Shoes?

The type of shoes you select for your boxing tournament will decide your fate in the ring. Without being properly equipped, be it in terms of boxing gloves or shoes you cannot aim for a glorious victory.

Lightweight Shoes

You shouldn’t care about anything but their weight. “Lightweight” is the first thing you should look for while selecting a pair of boxing shoes. The more light in weight, the better comfort they’ll provide. Your feet will feel at ease, swifter, and more balanced. Lightweight shoes allow more natural and dynamic footwork.

Good Material

Find a pair of shoes that offers a suede, leather, or synthetic finish. These materials provide relatively more comfort and quality for boxing shoes. Also, the material should be breathable. Rubber soles are ideal for boxing shoes since they’re lighter and offer a versatile movement capacity.

Ankle Support

Generally, boxing shoes are manufactured by default with high or mid-tops. A high or mid-top shoe provides better ankle support and keeps your feet aligned and safe while preventing any sprains at the same time. Your boxing shoes should provide great ankle support just as a boxing glove should provide wrist support for boxing.

Our Recommendation: Best Boxing Shoes For Women

Venum Elite Boxing Shoes is our top pick for the best boxing shoes for women. These shoes are breathable which makes them amazing for intense sport and what we absolutely love about these shoes is their mid-cut silhouette that provides great ankle support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose Boxing Shoes?

In order to choose boxing shoes it is good to try them on the spot. If you’re buying online, dont forget to check the right size. Boxing shoes are a bit narrower-laced and tight-fitted shoes. They are a little bit different from street shoes. To choose the right fit shoe put it on and hold your toe and bit to check its bouncing effect. After satisfaction buys it.

What Makes a Boxing Shoe a Boxing Shoe?

Boxing shoes are heelless and rubber sole gum style shoes. They are thin from the front end and the laces are tight. They are different from athletic shoes as they dont have a built-in arch style. They are also different from street shoes as they are thin from the front. They are available in both low-top and high-top style shoes 

Final Words

All the shoes in our top picks are best for women. Every individual has a different feet structure. It is important to keep your feet’ width and length in mind if you’re going to buy shoes online. You may not have a chance to try it when you’re buying offline. Any mistake in size can waste your money. So it’s important to go to an online seller who offers replacement and refund, Hope this helps!

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