Nunchuks for beginners

The 5 Best Nunchuks for Beginners

Nunchucks require a crazy amount of skill and training for their proper use. Nunchucks are a trademark sign of the movies of the greatest martial artists of all times, Bruce Lee – a name not unknown to anyone whether a martial art fan or not.

Our Top Pick For Beginners Nunchuks

Nunchucks from Sensei David Store are our top pick overall. They provide exceptional grip for all your reckless training sessions. They are especially worth the praise because they have been designed by a martial art coach himself, who knows absolutely all the nuisances caused by a low grade martial art weapon.

Carrying a professional, wooden or metal nunchuck might get you in trouble. Ownership of weapons such as nunchucks is not considered legal in many states of the US and most countries of the world of the states of the world. The legality issues lessen its effectiveness as a weapon for self defense in practical life. However, for training, practices, and learning martial arts you can opt any, from our collection below. All of them are suitable for beginners.

1- Sensei David Foam Nunchucks

First things first, weapons offering loose grip are never an option when learning martial arts. And guess what do we like the most about these Foam Nunchucks? Their grip, it’s definitely remarkable. When you’re mastering all those flashy nunchaku moves for a martial art tournament, this one will be your savior.

What makes the grip outstanding is the firm sponge core that is padded with a soft foam around to keep it safe yet useful enough for kids as well as adult martial art trainings. The 360° ball bearing action is smooth so you can practice with superior speed and force.

Each stick of the nunchuck is a standard 1 feet size linked with a secure and durable chain attachment. So you don’t have to worry about the nunchuck flying away and hurting you or someone else in the face. Also, it weighs less than half a pound so it is great for beginners mastering new moves.

2- Beyck Nunchucks

What’s better than a pack of nunchucks? A pack of 2 nunchucks. This most selling deal on Amazon offers a pack of two nunchucks and has over hundred 5 star ratings.

Customers have shown utmost satisfaction with these nunchucks as a teaching tool for beginners. They are manufactured with a safe foam and rubber covering on each stick. The thick sponge wrap ensures easy grip. Each stick is hollow from the inside which means you can insert variable weight just according to your needs.

Both sticks are connected with a stainless steel swivel chain. The quality of chain is another reason why customers tend to get their hands on this pair of nunchucks. The chain has been tried and tested several times to eliminate any risk of breaking.

These nunchucks are best for self defense, cosplay, security and martial art practice. You can trust your kids with these nunchucks as well. Ultimate safety is guaranteed so you don’t have to worry about your kids hurting themselves in case they mess up any move.

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3- EB TOOLS Nunchucks

With a top notch grip and heavy nunchuck sticks these nunchakus from EB Tools would suffice even an expert martial artist.

These nunchucks have been reviewed by customers for their great quality and sturdy built. They are safer than the wooden or metal nunchucks since they have a rubber covering on each stick.

However, what makes them great for beginners aiming for a little advanced training is their weight. They weigh around 0.6 kilograms, thereby, are not intended for kids’ training. If you’re an expert you’ll find them pretty cool since they offer a real nunchuck experience along with safety from any risk of damage.

The stainless steel chain is an average 9 links length while each stick is around 1.1 foot. Given their weight and safety assurance, these nunchucks are amazing for slightly advanced beginners and they’re going to be pretty convenient for trained martial artists learning new moves.

4- Jqworkland Nunchuck

These nunchucks are great for all the Kung Fu lovers out there and won’t cause any hurt either because they are manufactured with durable foam which makes the sticks soft and hence, safe.

Overall, they are very lightweight and in case you want some advanced level training these nunchucks still won’t disappoint you. Each stick is hollow from the inside so what you can do is fill up some material in them to make them weigh as much as it suits you. This makes them great for both beginners as well as trainers, alike.

The steel swivel chain and the ball bearing action is very sturdy. Each stick is almost 1 feet in length and weighs around 0.2kg, but you can always top up the weight by filling up the holes in each stick, if you want. Great for training and practice of martial arts, sports and exercises.

5- Dsrong Foam Nunchuck

These super lightweight nunchucks are an easy tool for beginners aiming to master fast moves. They are top rated by customers for their durability and safety.

Dsrong Nunchucks are made of high quality foam that makes them lightweight and soft. Hence, very convenient and risk free for a beginner. It is very likely that as a beginner you’ll mess up even the easiest of moves. And what you definitely don’t want is to hurt yourself while learning. These foam nunchucks will eliminate the risk of any injury to make your training session uninterrupted and comfortable.

360° rotating joint provides smooth action while ensuring safety and strength with the swivel metal chain. Each stick is around the standard 1 feet size and weighs less than 0.2 kg. So these nunchucks are safe even for training kids. All in all, it is a great practice set with an amazing build quality.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Nunchaku?

In all honesty, learning real nunchaku moves is not a child’s play. Their learning requires an intense of amount of skill, training, and time.

You need an insane amount of agility, flexibility and brain responsiveness to be able to master nunchaku moves. While you’re learning to make those fast moves don’t forget to learn to keep yourself safe.

What happens in most of the cases is people master the use of a nunchuck but they do not learn what actually happens when you hit somebody. When you hit someone there is great chance that the nunchaku will hit you back as a result of the recoil. It comes back with great force. So while learning, practice your moves on a dummy rather than in air. So that you know how to keep yourself safe when hitting somebody.

Can You Use Nunchucks for Self-Defense?

Nunchucks are undoubtedly a great weapon for self defense. Among all others such as tasers, katanas, and guns, wooden nunchucks are also known for their deadliness. But what makes them ineffective for use in practical life is different state laws that do not allow owning a nunchuck.

Carrying a professional nunchuck in public places will get you in trouble with charges against carrying a concealed weapon. Countries such as Russia, Norway, Canada, Germany, Poland, and Spain have strict restrictions against owning a nunchuck.

Wooden or metal nunchucks are not legalized except for professional martial art trainings. They are amazing for self defense but then again, ineffective in practical life.

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