Best boxing gloves for wrist support

Top 5 Best Boxing Gloves For Wrist Support

Safety of your hands and crushing your opponent in a boxing match go hand in hand. Winning a boxing tournament or keeping up in a devastatingly reckless heavy bag training requires apt equipment. And boxing gloves that provide wrist support stand first in the list of these equipment.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick for the best gloves that provide incredible wrist support is the Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves. These gloves provide phenomenal wrist and hand support to give you a spectacular training experience. With A-grade lining and a lace-like fit, this pair of gloves is absolutely ideal for heavy bag training.

Top 5 Wrist Support Boxing Gloves

Get your hands on these amazing gloves from our collection. With the toughest of leathers and finest padding, these gloves are designed to give you ultimate protection during boxing competitions, heavy bag training, and sparring.

1- Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

Designed innovatively, this pair of gloves is made to give you an ultimate boxing/training experience while keeping your hands safe and giving good support to your wrist.

The T3 gloves have been made to counter any kind of wrist damage with three layers of lining serving the purpose of absorbing and dissipating the shock intensity. The 4x splint support runs from the knuckles, down to your hands and over the wrist to provide maximum protection and proper wrist alignment for hardcore punches.

The quality of the material is second to none. This pair of gloves is made with engineered leather approved for utmost protection after a series of testing. With zero break in time, these gloves are tournament ready just as they arrive.

Also, for kick boxing and intense training, you do need gloves that fit perfectly. These gloves render a lace like fit in combination with 2 interlocking straps to help you customize the fitting according to your requirement.

World over, Hayabusa T3 is top rated by customers for its convenient ergonomics and durable material.

2- FairTex Muay Thai Style Training Gloves

These all-purpose gloves from FairTex are designed to provide the right amount of flexibility in a variety of situations.

The even lining of comfortable padding foam throughout the gloves ensures safety of your hands and wrist from every angle. A compact fitting is provided by the wrap around hook and loop wristband keeping the gloves tight yet highly flexible.

These Muay Thai Style gloves are manufactured from genuine leather that is breathable. Hence, it minimizes sweat and heat build-up during intense kickboxing or sparring. The genuine leather is good enough for punching or heavy bag training. Also the unique flexible design helps you block a punch keeping your palm straight or shove someone with a close fist, all together.

FairTex Gloves will give you an absolute value for money by delivering more than what is expected of them.

3- Cleto Reyes Training Gloves

Punch harder and faster with this pair of Cleto Reyes Training gloves. These gloves are designed for superior protection even with heavy punching or casual sparring. Breaking in time will be a bit long but the wait will be worth it in the end!

The Cleto Reyes gloves feature a 2 inch thick latex foam padding specifically on the punch area to keep your knuckles safe from any kind of injury or shock. Also, the fastening of the gloves is an icing on the cake. These gloves are equipped with a leather strap with hook & loop closure and will keep your hand and wrists firmly aligned while avoiding curl or bends.

The water repellent lining will keep your hands moisture free by preventing sweat dripping through the lining. Customers claim that these gloves “feel like clouds on the fist while they hit like bricks”. So what’s better than that?

Built with a unique thumb and wrist support system, these gloves will give you a long lasting and wholesome training experience with absolutely no bone breakage or sprains. They are great for hardcore trainings, kickboxing, sparring- basically everything!

4- Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves

This pair of gloves is an absolute dream for all the beginners out there who do not want to spend a lot on the gloves yet want something highly ergonomic.

Sanabul Gel boxing gloves have been manufactured with great attention to detail. Not only do they look great, but also they perform exceptionally well for a pair gloves at a price so low. The gel infused foam that lines the glove provides protection against all kinds of sprain or shocks.

They are constructed to appropriately fit the natural curvature of hands. Moreover, the mesh on the palm area dramatically increases breathability. Not to mention, the wrist protection that comes with the sturdy hook and loop closure is commendable.

We can safely say that they are the perfect entry level boxing gloves. They’ll keep you safe while not breaking your budget and also, will let you experience the sheer power of your punches.

5- RDX Hook & Loop Boxing Gloves

Last but definitely not the least, this pair of gloves from RDX is the perfect bang for the buck. It always feels great when you find a gel lined glove in a low price range.

These RDX gloves have been manufactured with durable Maya Hide Leather material which means they’ll weather any storm. Lasting a long while, they will provide you immense wrist support and protection, all hail to the extra-long Hook and Loop strap that allows you to tightly fasten your wrist. Also, there is a gel infused lining block right around the wrist area which essentially doubles the amount of protection for your wrist.

You can punch real hard without worrying about breaking a joint because these gloves come with a gel infused lining around the knuckles, aside from the wrist as well. Maximum resistance and absorption of every shock before it reaches your wrist so you can train, Muay Thai, kickboxing or essentially any kind of boxing.

The nylon mesh provides proper aeration to prevent sweat. All in all, we’d say that these gloves amazingly provide a tight and thin profile while being padded appropriately as well.

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Glove Size is Important

Selecting the right glove size is the key to choosing a perfect pair of gloves either for training, kickboxing, sparring, heavy bag trainings, or punching bags etc.

Most inexperienced boxers or say beginners, get tempted by small size gloves because they fit and look better. But what this actually does is increasing the risk of injuries to your hands or wrists.

A 16oz glove is the most widely accepted size for an appropriate glove. A bigger glove gives more flexibility and padding area which resultantly minimizes the risk of damage to the hands. The smaller the glove, lesser is the space available for shock absorption.

If you are a really small fighter, then you may consider buying a 14oz glove but never aim for less than that. You will end up damaging or breaking your bones or joints. On the contrary, for all those giant fighters a 20 oz. glove would suffice. Remember to always choose a bigger glove and you’ll be safe.

Don’t Miss Heavy Lining and Padding

Punching hard and breaking your wrist during your first training session, doesn’t sound nice, right? Then go for heavily padded and lined gloves. Your hands and wrist are an asset that you cannot afford to lose so invest in the perfect gloves before you begin your trainings.

The best gloves provide immense wrist and hand support while being padded with shock absorbing layers. This padding absorbs maximum amount of shock and provides resistance to the force which helps in elimination of shock before it even reaches your wrist.

Also, they keep your knuckles safe when you give a sharp blow with a closed fist. Some gloves are also manufactured with padding that is infused with shock absorption gel. It provides the same service as the layered foam coatings. So get your hands on gloves featuring either of them or you’ll end up breaking your bones or spraining your wrist!

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