Expert Boxing hand Wraps

Expert Boxing Hand Wraps. Read This Before Buying One.

Boxing is one of the most difficult sports in the world. In a boxing match, you will not only be hurt by the blows your head and body receive, but your hand can also be injured when you punch your opponent or a punching bag. Punching an opponent forcefully without using gloves and proper expert boxing hand wraps can result in severe injuries to your hand and wrist joints.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert boxer, you have to use hand wraps for punching a bag, sparring, or fighting in a ring. Hand wraps protect your hand from injury by securing and supporting all your joints when you hit your opponent or a bag.

Here are the 5 best expert boxing hand wraps you can use to take your boxing to the next level. 

Why to Use Hand Wraps with Gloves?

You’ll have some people advising you to not use hand wraps with boxing gloves. That’s an irresponsible attitude. Boxing gloves and hand wraps both are necessary because they both have different purposes and goals.

Boxing gloves reduce the physical impact on your hand by spreading the impact surface. They also protect your skin from bruises and tears. However, they don’t provide any direct support to your joints.

Hand wraps, on the other hand, holds your bones and joints together. They protect your knuckles and keep your joints in place.

Whenever your hand receives an impact, the bones of your hand are pushed apart. If the force of the impact is strong enough, it can result in joint dislocation. Wrapping your hands firmly will protect you from such injuries.

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Types of Hand Wraps 

There are two types of hand wraps available in the market.

Traditional Hand Wraps:

They look like a cotton gauze. They are non-elastic and less comfortable. Since they are non-elastic, they won’t stick to your hand properly and get bunched up after a while of use. 

Mexican Style Hand Wraps: 

Mexican hand wraps are made up of spandex and elastic cotton. This makes them fairly stretchable. Most people prefer them because they are more comfortable and stick to the hand well.

Quick Wraps: 

These are just like a glove that you can wear under your boxing gloves. You don’t have to tie them around your hand. So, if you are too lazy to use traditional hand wraps, you can go for quick wraps.  

However, using quick wraps is not generally recommended because they don’t provide an adequate amount of protection and support to the hands. Especially prone to injury is the wrist area where it provides almost no protection.

Therefore, if you are a beginner and you haven’t mastered the punching technique yet, I would recommend you to stay away from them.

It might take you some time to learn how to use traditional hand wraps but it’s totally worth it.

The 5 Best Expert Boxing Hand Wraps 

There are a lot of different types of hand wraps available in the market. You’ll have to do a lot of digging and research to find the hand wraps best suited for you. To make it easier for you, I have done the research, and here are my findings.

1. Venum Boxing Hand Wraps

These hand wraps by one of the most popular brand VENUM are famous for their softness and durability.

These hand wraps are made up of a blend of cotton and elastic. A combination of cotton and elastic is favored among expert boxers because they enable you to tighten them around your hand without impeding the blood flow.

These are a bit thinner and less wide which makes them a perfect choice for children and women with small hands. 

The most important thing to mention about them is the price range. For the given price range, you will never find any better hand wraps. Click on the link below to see the price. 

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2. Fairtex Elastic Cotton Hand wraps 

These Fairtex elastic cotton hand wraps can be a great choice for you. These are fairly elastic and provide great support to your hands. Many people prefer them over Everlast and pro impact hand wraps.

They come in the standard length of 180 inches and a medium width. Their thumb loops ensure that they would fit into your hand properly and won’t move with every punch.

They are a bit pricy but their durability and sweat wikiing property makes them totally worth it.

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3. Ringside Mexican Style Boxing Hand Wraps 

The quality and durability of the Ringside brand is hard to beat. Ringside is famous for the quality if its products in the world of boxing and mixed martial arts.

They come with a full length of 180 inches, providing you with plenty of stripes that can go around your hand and wrist.

These ringside hand wraps are a bit thicker and not very flexible like some other Mexican style wraps but still, they are soft and comfortable to use. 

They are available in 10 different colors. Washing them in a machine does nothing to them except making them a bit softer. 

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4.Meister Adult 180″ Hand Wraps for MMA & Boxing – 3 Pairs Pack 

The hand wraps with a full length of 180” are ideal for both boxing and MMA.

They are made up of a mixture of cotton and spandex due to which they are semi-elastic. Their flexibility makes them very comfortable and easy to wear. Moreover the elasticity enables you to wrap them around your hand snugly without disturbing your blood flow.

They are ultra-light weight and are available in three colors, red, white and black. 

These are some of the cheapest but solid options available in the market. Keeping the price point in mind, their fabric quality is quite good.

Their color would bleed when you wash them, so use cold water and mild soap to clean them. Don’t put them in a dryer. Just squeeze them with your hand after washing them.

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5.RDX Boxing Hand Wraps Inner Gloves for Punching 

As I’ve already mentioned, these glove-like hand wraps might not provide very good support to your joints and bones, but they reduce the impact on your hands tremendously due to high-quality shell shock-absorbing padding

These gloves are made up of lightweight cotton fiber fabric which is very resistant to wear and tear. It would last you a long time. They also include a quick hook and loop which ensure that they fit you hand perfectly and don’t move or slide with every hit.

These gloves are equipped with a sweat-wicking thermal regulation technology that ensures that your palms and wrist remain dry and odorless. They absorb the moisture onto the top layer thus keeping it away from your skin preventing bacterial buildup and grip problems. 

These are best suited for you if you are tired of wrapping your own hands with traditional hand wraps. They would for sure save you a tone of time and energy that the traditional hand wraps demand.

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