How Heavy Are Boxing Gloves? (Weight With Age Table)

how heavy are boxing gloves

Some of the questions I used to have in mind before joining a boxing club were, How heavy are boxing gloves? How much does each glove weigh? What determines the weight of boxing gloves?  What would be the most suitable weight for me? In this post, I’m going to discuss in detail the factors that should be taken into account before choosing the right weight for boxing gloves.

Just stick till the end and you’ll find answers to all of your questions.

How heavy are boxing gloves? Generally, standard boxing gloves weigh 12,14 and 16 ounces. However, the size of the glove varies with glove type, fighter weight, and hand size. Sparring gloves range from 12 to 18oz. We use ounces to measure glove weight, not size.

Every fighter has different boxing goals, hand size, and body weight. All these factors affect your choice of boxing glove size.

So let’s dive straight into the details.

Why Choosing the Right Weight Gloves is Important

Buying the right-sized boxing gloves is like buying shoes.  Picking the right boxing glove size can make a huge difference.  The right-sized glove has the right weight and fits your hand perfectly. Having the right-sized and weighted boxing gloves is necessary because it ensures adequate performance and protection for your hands from any kind of injury.

Having the most suitable weight for boxing gloves is necessary because the weight determines the thickness of the glove’s padding. If the weight of the gloves is less, it would provide less padding that can result in severe injuries to you and your opponent.

On the other hand, wearing gloves that are heavier than the weight suitable for you, would decrease your quickness, punch velocity, and the impact of your punches, which is very crucial for becoming a successful boxer.

What Determines the Weight of Boxing Gloves

So what’s the main factor determining the weight of boxing gloves? Actually, the main determinant of the glove’s weight is its padding. A glove with more padding will be heavier than a glove with less padding. The main function of the padding is to provide protection to the boxer as well as the person being hit.

The weight of boxing gloves also depends on the materials used in the gloves. Gloves are made from a variety of substances leather being the most common among them.

The padding of the boxing gloves is filled either with gel, foam, horsehair, or a special blend of foam and horsehair. Training gloves mostly contain foam or gel while professional fighting gloves contain horsehair or a blend of horsehair and foam. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the most commonly used material is foam.

Does Boxing Gloves Reduce the Impact

Back in the day, fighting with bare knuckles resulted in the worst impacts including skin cuts and bone fractures. There were also chances of people using dirty tactics like poking eyes with fingers. To avoid this from happening boxing gloves were introduced.

These gloves fit around the fists giving them a proper rounded shape and providing protection to the hand, thumb, and fingers. The padding of the gloves reduces the impact on the boxer as well as the opponent.

The impact of the punch is reduced due to the longer duration of the hit i.e reduction of impulse and spreading of the force evenly over a larger area.

However, the risk of brain injuries is not reduced by gloves. Many boxers have suffered head injuries and concussions after being hit by an opponent wearing gloves.

How Heavy Are Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are available variety of sizes and weights. Their weight is described in ounces(oz) and ranges from 4 oz to 20 oz. Some custom-made gloves can be even heavier than that.

Boxing Glove Weight Chart:

Glove WeightBody WeightAge 
4ozUnder 80lbs/37kgs4-7yrs
6ozUnder 80lbs/37kgs8-11yrs
10oz112-132lbs/50-60kgs17yrs or above

4 OZ: The 4 oz is the lightest gloves weight. It’s suitable for young boxers below 8 years of age.

6 OZ: 6 oz boxing gloves are designed for children with an age between 8 to 12 years. They can also be used by females with very small hands.

8 OZ: 8 oz gloves are suitable for teenagers and women. These can be used in fights but mainly in amateur boxing fights.

10 OZ: 10 oz boxing gloves are ideal for young adults. This is the most commonly used weight in competition. It’s also the most suitable weight for improving your boxing technique and doing practice on a punching bag.

boxing gloves weight guide

12 OZ: The 12 oz category is one of the most popular weights among newbie boxers. It can be used for sparring, bag work, fitness, and fighting. It is an ideal weight for beginners and is considered an all-around boxing glove.

14 OZ: 14 oz is suitable for boxers that are moving into heavier weights. It’s the ideal weight for heavyweight boxers.

16 OZ: Due to their weight, 16 Oz gloves provide a decent workout for muscle development. This weight is recommended for people with a weight above 65 kg.

18 OZ: This is the heaviest glove weight generally used and this can be used by very tall boxers. It is most suitable when the primary aim is muscle development or weight loss.

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How Much Do Ufc Gloves Weight

UFC or MMA gloves are way lighter than boxing gloves. The difference in their weight is due to some major differences in their structure and designs.

Boxing gloves have a  padded protection compartment for the fingers while UFC gloves are open-fingered. Boxing gloves have thicker padding while UFC gloves have relatively thin padding.

Moreover, hand wraps are a must in boxing gloves while they are relatively uncommon in UFC gloves. Therefore the officially allowed weight in UFC fights is only 4-8 Oz. However, some MMA gloves can go from 2 Oz up to 12 Oz in weight.

This is much less compared to boxing gloves which range from 2 Oz up to 20 Oz in weight.

How Heavy Are Professional Boxing Gloves

Fighters that are 154 lbs and over mostly use 10 oz boxing gloves. Fighters with lesser weight use 8 oz gloves. The size of the fighter plays an important role in determining the type of gloves needed, for example, 10 oz gloves look very tiny on the hands of heavyweight boxers.

However, a more important determinant of weight is the material of the glove. Fighters looking for more hand protection mostly wear foam gloves. Fighters that want greater power transfer use gloves with horsehair padding, this decreases the protectivity but makes them much stiffer and more responsive. The reason for this difference in weight is the density i.e foam has very little density compared to horsehair.

Things to Know Before Buying Gloves

If you are a newbie and are about to buy gloves for your boxing workout, then these are the things you should know before purchasing any gloves.

Gloves stretch just like shoes

Boxing gloves get stretched after being used for the first few times. Due to this their size increases slightly and they get looser in your hands. Therefore, It is advised to buy gloves that fit tightly in your hands.


Another thing to keep in mind is hand wraps. When you wear hand wraps, your hands will get thicker. So before you wear your boxing glove, try on some hand wraps and see if the gloves fit your hand or not, but If you don’t have any hand wraps you can measure your hand’s circumference and see if it fits properly.

Given below is a size chart that you can compare with your own hand circumference.

6” – 7.5” circumference, 12oz

7.5” – 8.5”, 14oz

8.5” – 9.5”, 16oz

9.5” and above, 18oz or 20oz

At the end of the day, everyone’s hand is different, some people have bigger hands while others have smaller hands. The best way to find out the right-sized glove is to personally test them by going to a boxing gym.

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What Weight Gloves Should You Buy

What weight boxing gloves should I buy? The answer to this question depends on the purpose you are going to use the boxing gloves for. Different weighted boxing gloves are available for different kinds of activities. You need to consider your hand size, body weight, and boxing goals.

There are different categories for boxing gloves like sparring, training, and muscle building. In general, it is recommended to use the following weights depending on the type of boxing activity:


16oz gloves usually do best for beginners as they are more prone to injuries.


12oz is good for beginners, increase the weight to increase the intensity and endurance.

Amateur Fights

The weight for an amateur fight depends on the rules of the fight – generally, 10oz gloves are used

Professional Fights

The weight for professional fights is also decided on the basis of the rules of the fight. However, 12-14 oz gloves are generally used for professional fights as this weight provides the best balance between protection and quickness.

I hope this post would have helped you know how heavy are boxing gloves? and made you knowledgeable enough to choose the right weight boxing gloves for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Heavy Are Tyson’s Gloves?

Mike Tyson wears 12-Ounce gloves. Generally, heavyweight professional boxers use 10-ounce gloves in fights, and 12-ounce variants for pads and light sparring. If they put extra weight, it means extra padding. Larger gloves tend to occupy move space which is helpful to reduce the impact of the blow. 

Are 12 oz Gloves Heavy?

The answer to this question varies from boxer to boxer. Each boxer has a different body weight, hand size, and age. If 12oz is heavy for one boxer, there is the possibility that it may be lighter fr another. Generally, 12oz is a good option and the best fit for hitting pads or heavy bags.

Are Boxing Gloves Heavier?

Boxing gloves are both heavier and lighter. Larger boxing gloves of 16oz are heavier and provide high resistance. On the other hand, lighter boxing gloves of 10oz carry less padding. The weight of the glove increases with padding, size of the hand, and weight of the body.

Are 16 oz Gloves Heavy?

Yes, 16Oz is heavier than 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, and 14oz. This weight is the best fit for a hitter with 80kg or above bodyweight. It is better for heavy sparring. Some hitters with extra-large hand sizes also use 16oz gloves. 

Final Words

Now the confusion of choosing the right weight for a boxing glove is almost solved. Keep the table given above to save on your mobile whenever you’re going to purchase a glove. You should have the right info about your body weight and hand circumference. Buying the wrong weight will cost too much as it will never fit in your hand. So, it is advisable to do research before making any purchase. This post is obviously full of knowledge. You need not go anywhere for further research!

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