Top 5 Best Speed Bags for Beginners

The professional boxing legend of the 20th century, Muhammad Ali once said, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. His hands can’t hit what his eyes can’t see. Now you see me, now you don’t.” And to be like him is a dream of many amateurs who are just starting their journey in boxing. Accurate training especially, the training tools will assist you to be the best in your game. So, the choice of such tools and their quality should be your utmost priority. Speed bags are one of the training tools that you would need after weightlifting, hard sessions of exercise, and punching bags. Speed bags will help you develop that extra vigor, sharpness, hand-to-eye movement coordination, and ultimately, the perfect speed required in a ring. 

There are some attributes of the speed bag that you should keep in your mind before spending your money;

  • The speed bags should be strong and sturdy. If it is stitched poorly, it will not only be disadvantageous to you but might harm you during the training. For improving your muscle endurance, the speed bag should be of good quality mostly leather is preferred. 
  • The ultimate speed bag to improve your hand speed and boxing skills should not be too big or too heavy. If that is the case, it will be hard to punch and hard to train. Neither it should be too small and light, it will disrupt your rhythm and coordination.

In this article, we have the top 5 speed bags for beginners to improve their boxing skills, so let’s dive into it.

TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags

The TITLE speed bags are known for their great quality and durability. This speed bag specifically is gyro-balanced and promises to do perfect rebounds. This bag comes in four different sizes; small, medium, large and extra-large, thus you can choose according to your weight and requirements. The inner bladder of this speed bag is strong which makes it long-lasting. It is the most expensive speed bag on our list but the price is worth the quality. And if you are tired of such bags which need to be replaced every month due to rough patches and loosening of the shape, you need to try Title’s boxing gyro balanced speed bag. The boxers who have used this bag have been positive and recommended it to other beginners who want to work on their grip and speed. 

This speed bag is made up of good quality leather and black. It has been ranked in the top 200 of sports and outdoors. And in the top 35 of speed punching bags. The boon and bane of this speed bag are that it is durable and good in quality however, it is a bit on the expensive side. But if you are someone who wants to spend a good amount on quality stuff then this product is for you. Once you start using it to improve your hand and eye coordination, you won’t be able to replace it with any other bag.

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RDX MMA Training Speed Bag

Another speed bag that comes second on our list is this RDX speedball that is not only perfect for beginners but also experts. This RDX bag is also for MMA training and ultimately with all these aspects, it is also a bit expensive than the others. But worth it, because the package also includes a stainless-steel swivel with quality bearings. 

This speed is made up of a combination of leather and cotton which makes it appropriately light in weight and with tough construction. It is durable as 4 layers of cotton are lined inside the leather material. The advantage of this bag is the super durability and the disadvantage that comes with the product is in the quality of the swivel which is not liked by many. The only disadvantage this bag has is, it only comes in one size so, it might not be the perfect match for you but will always be good to improve your skills. 

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Everlast Everhide Speed Bag

This bag is the cheapest of the bags on our list and you can get it for only $25. Everlast is one of the companies which are in the race of boxing for more than 90 years with their boxing equipment and trunks. It is grey and weighs 0.17 kg, which is very accurate for punching on speed bags. It is supposed to ensure extra strength due to its Everhide leather design. It only comes in medium size but one of the recognitions it has got is the 27th rank in the best sellers of punching speed bags.   

The pros and cons of this bag include that it is a good bag in accurate shape, size, and weight thus, can be used to improve your skills and get back in rhythm. The only problem that has been reported is that the inner bladder bursts if inflated more than enough. So, one needs to be careful while inflating this speed bag. It is the best for beginners and youngsters who have an interest in boxing and want to pave their way into the field. 

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Title Boxing Super Speed Bag

Here comes another TITLE speed bag, but this bag is so much different from the other Title bags particularly, in terms of aesthetics. The title has given a very good range of colors to choose from in this specific speed bag. There are multiple colors like black, blue, green, yellow, red, and even the combination of two colors. This bag is in leather material and very precisely stitched. The Title boxing super speed bag is the ultimate choice of beginners to carry on their training and it is ranked 38th best seller in the speed punching bags. 

This particular speed bag has the most positive reviews as compared to other bags that I have mentioned in my list. The pros include good leather quality, durability, rebounds, and the best to show off some speed. Many people have recommended this bag as it has lasted longer than the others, it holds air for long and can take good punches as well. 

Check out this super fast and lightweight speed bag for your training. 

Meister Speed Kills Leather Speed Bag

As the name of the bag is nominating, it is the most affordable, durable, speed killing, and lightest in weight bag. This speed bag is Amazon’s choice and ranks 11th in the race of best sellers. The Meister speed bag is formed in such a balanced way that is supposed to show predictable rebounds with consistency. The very different thing that is in this bag is its latex bladder that needs to be reinflated regularly. This is somehow, a positive point that the bag is made so unlike other speed bags. 

It is available in three sizes, small, medium, and large. The medium size bag weighs 0.22 kg and that is good for beginners to start with and step up their game. You can use a small bag to improve your speed after you have learned striking and with the medium bag, you can push forward your resistance while the large bag will assist you in strengthening and muscle building.

Meister speed kills leather bag is a must-have!

Final Word and Recommendation

After reading this review, you must have been familiar with the top-speed bags that are in the game these days. Speed bags will help you in improving your hand and eye coordination but if compared to double-end bags, the latter is more suitable to improve your footwork as well. Moreover, it is preferred to knuckle speed bags with bare hands or by having wrapped around your hand. 

From all of the above-mentioned bags, I would recommend you to purchase Meister Speed Kills Leather Speed Bag because of its durability, it is available in three sizes, affordable, and will be shipped around the world. It is also a full package bag with most of the pros that should be in a speed bag for a beginner to start with.